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    Distance learning courses in education Technology and E-Learning

    Welcome to the Continuing Learning Center (CLC) of the Egyptian E-learning University
    CLC offers several distance learning courses in the field of education technology and e-learning including:
    - Research methods and scientific writing
    - E-learning principles and Fundamentals
    - E-courses Development
    - Management of E-learning Systems
    Courses Implementation
    Each course consists of 24 contact hrs (Online) – 6 Hrs weekly (2hrs*3days) for 4 weeks.
    Courses initiates upon the completion of the minimum number of participants (10 at least).
    Fees per course: 1000 EGP (Egyptians) / 150 USD (non-Egyptians)
    Fees include certification fees and postal delivery charges
    Payment could be completed through:
    Payment at EELU Headquarter 33 almesaha st, Dokki Giza (Call 16541) Bank Deposit

    لحساب: الجامعة المصرية للتعلم الإلكتروني
    رقم الحساب بالجنيه المصري: 37600100009442
    رقم الحساب بالدولار: 37612000001541 (لغير المصريين فقط)
    رمز سويفت : BMISEGCX376
    برجاء إرسال صورة الإيداع أو التحويل بالفاكس : 37497928 (00202)
    أو إرسالها إلى البريد الالكتروني : موضحا عليها الاسم بشكل واضح

    Registration in any of the courses could be done through the link

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