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Student HandBook

Student HandBook

Welcome to the National Egyptian E-learning University. We believe that e- Learning mobilises the educational and cultural communities, as well as the economic, social and industrial players in Egypt, in order to speed up changes within higher education and continuing education systems for Egypt's move to a knowledge based society. Our biggest commitment is serving the individual needs of students and to let their priorities drive ours. The National Egyptian E-learning University seeks to differentiate itself from other universities by providing high quality educational services anytime, anywhere, to serve students despite their location or life situation.
A student handbook introduces the student to the EELU, its regulations, programs, facilities and services. This handbook would be a reference to help students understand the rules and regulations that govern the activities of student organizations and provides a detailed explanation of how to conduct extracurricular activities in a systematic and orderly manner. It is important for students to familiarise themselves with all relevant policies and regulations in order to effectively carry out the activities.

General Requirements for Academic Degrees:

• University Level Requirements.

• Core Faculty Level Requirements.

• Core Department Level Requirements.

• Elective Courses.

Academic Advising & Monitoring:

• An academic advisor is assigned for each and every student at the beginning of the semester. The advisor is a member of the faculty in which the student is registered and he/she is responsible for providing answers to queries about registration.

• He/she is also responsible for monitoring the progress of students and for guiding them to improve their performance whenever they fail to achieve the grade point average (GPA).


• Courses offered per semester and dates of registration are announced in advance. Students select their courses with the help of their academic advisors. After that, they proceed with the registration.

• Registration for any course is processed only after the student fulfils all necessary requirements, including the successful completion of all qualifying pre-requisites for the course.

Add, Drop, Withdrawal:

• Adding or dropping courses may take place in the first two weeks of the semester provided that the number of credit hours for each semester is kept within limits and after the approval of the student's academic advisor and the course co-ordinator.

• Students may withdraw from a course after the approval of their academic advisors and course co-ordinators within a maximum of 5 weeks from the beginning of the new semester, provided that the minimum number of credit hours for each semester is kept within the limits. A student may withdraw from a course after the fifth week of the beginning of a new semester, provided that the student shall submit an excuse that is accepted by the Faculty Council. In both cases, such courses shall not be recorded in the student study record.

Internal Transfer:

• In such transfer cases, students are exempt from successfully completed courses and equivalent courses within the faculty they are transferring to.

• An internal transfer request form must be approved by the Admission Office before the Dean of the Faculty approves the transfer from and to.

Grade Appeals:

Students fill a Grade Appeal Form at the Admission office. Then all grade appeals are sent to the Examination Unit. The Examination Unit re-calculates the total grade of the student from the records available and also checks that there is no indication that the examiner missed any questions during the grading of the answer sheet.

Failure in Courses:

• Students must meet the deadline for submission of all course work components according to the requirements of the University and course staff.

• Students who fail to attend the final exam will fail this course.

• Students who fail to achieve 25% from the marks in the final exam will also fail this course.

Incomplete Courses:

• If a student fails to attend the final exam on account of any emergency or exceptional circumstance, the University President may approve granting him/her an incomplete grade.

• Session work grades are transferred for each student to the semester in which the course is next offered, during which he/she must re-sit the final exam.


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