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E-Learning University Concepts

High quality educational services Any time, Anywhere

The National Egyptian E-learning University (EELU) :

• provides high-quality education and training services to supply labor-market with ready industry workers able to deal with advanced technologies.

• and creates and continuously improves teaching and learning environment.

The National Egyptian E-learning University targets all those willing to receive high quality, modern, technology based education whether young or old, in fact anyone who is thirsty for knowledge and wishes to secure their future standing in life.

EELU introduces E-University concept based on the following principles:

• Students from different cultures and sectors.

• Availability in all geographical areas and regions.

• Technology in teaching, evaluation, explanation and education.

• Many specializations and modern sciences.

The educational policy of the university depends on an integrated educational system that combines the advantages of both the traditional education and the e-learning education in a distinguished blended model. The main learning features of the EELU concepts are:

• Virtual Classroom

• Resource Based Learning

• Face-to-Face Lectures

• Credit-Hour System

• Virtual Classroom occurs when the teacher and student are situated in separate locations and learning occurs using communication and information technology through education management systems, which may be part of a complete distance educational program or supplementary to traditional instructions.

• Resource Based Learning is defined as an integrated set of strategies to promote student centered learning in a mass educational context, through a combination of specially designed learning resources, interactive media and technologies.

• Face-to-Face Lectures between tutors and students this traditional education allows a student to contact directly with instructors in one hand and with other students on the other hand

• Credit-Hour System is adopted by the university. The academic year is divided into two semesters -- the first (the Fall) and the second (the Spring) with an optional Summer session. Each course is usually three credit hours, in each semester the student usually takes between 12 to 19 hours or four - six courses.